ABSA Business Day Supplier Development Awards: CEO dialogues


The CEO dialogues take their cue from the  ABSA Business Day Supplier Development Awards, which recognised and celebrated business leaders that are committed to building thriving and inclusive supply chains. This hugely successful event acknowledged and awarded the leaders in Supplier Development, and provided a unique opportunity for participants to learn from the winners and share ideas in an open discussion format.

Catherine Wijnberg, CEO of Fetola and initiator of the Awards, says: “The 2018 finalists illustrate the huge impact that corporate South Africa has on the national growth and transformation agenda, and showcase how effective Supplier Development programmes can and do lead to sustainable growth, genuine empowerment, and positive benefits for all stakeholders.”

Participants expressed a desire to collaborate and share best practice as a way to improve the scale and effectiveness of Supplier Development in the Country.

What are they?

The purpose of the CEO Dialogues is to create an intimate learning platform for participants and guests, to learn from the winners of the 2018 Supplier Development awards, and identify ways to collaborate to scale results.

At a macro level, the CEO Dialogues lead the way to sustainable growth, lasting empowerment, and positive benefits for stakeholders. At a micro level the dialogues will enable CEOs to build corporate teams that embrace the skills needed for rapid adaptation of supplier development and help to place it central to the company strategy and part of the long-term competitive advantage.

Who should attend?

The CEO Dialogues are designed for corporate leaders wishing to optimise the impact of supplier development, ESD and procurement teams wishing to improve the effectiveness of their programmes, and  intermediaries, and invited small suppliers wishing to learn best practice.


The CEO Dialogues will take the format of a learning breakfast - convened by skilled facilitators - held each quarter, over the course of a year. Each dialogue will focus on a theme that is imperative to conceptualising, implementing and sustaining an impactful supplier development programme.

E.g. How Supplier Development can:

  • Be optimised in terms of return on investment
  • Be used to create a competitive strategic advantage
  • Be used as a risk reduction stratetgy
  • Help to achieve sustainability targets
  • Can contribute to a culture of innovation

They will also feature case studies of winners of the ABSA Business Day Supplier Development Awards and allow for in depth conversation and engagement with these leading organisations. 

Insights gleaned from the dialogue will be shared after the event through a digital publication, facilitating shared learning, increasing the reach of the initiative and giving it life beyond the dialogue itself.

DAtes & Venues:

Johannesburg | August 2018

Johannesburg | November 2018

Cape Town | February 2019

Johannesburg | April 2019