The Newcomer Award

To acknowledge companies that have recently initiated Supplier Development and show merit in design thinking, innovation and commitment.

The Innovation Award

To acknowledge companies whose innovative approach or ground-breaking methods and concepts are changing the game in Supplier Development and advancing local best practice.

The Nation-Builder Award

To acknowledge initiatives that are achieving exceptional results in supporting and growing non-traditional suppliers in one or more of the following areas: youth; black women; rural areas/areas with few alternative opportunities; and scarce skills not readily available in South Africa.

The Impact Award 

To acknowledge companies whose Supplier Development initiatives have impacted substantially on the value chain and are effective in the return on investment /efficiency of impact and/or scale of impact.

The Local Manufacturing and Small Supplier Award partnering with seda

To acknowledge companies who have developed Local Manufacturing Suppliers (LMS), small suppliers or value-add activities from the local industry.

The Overall Winner

To acknowledge companies that stand out as overall leaders in the Supplier Development arena.

Sponsors and Partners